Rental Bond Loans for Brisbane Families


Moving with kids is just the worst. We have four and they are all as painful as possible at the worst imaginable times. Kids are emotionally priceless but financially worthless, I read that somewhere and couldn’t agree more. As much as I’d love to send them to work it’s just not the done thing so I’ll just have to go on struggling to pay the bills.

Thankfully I’m not completely on my own. Lots of people have been a great help and none more than the staff at Bond Loans QLD. At the end of the day, money is often the hardest thing and with a new bond and first months rent for the new place in Brisbane, they were great. For rental bond loans Brisbane customers they are just amazing.

3 Ways to Choose the Right Catering Company

Choosing the right catering company can be the make or break of your event so here are some details to look out for to know that you’re own to a good food thing!

1. Is their food fresh?
Use a catering company that uses fresh produce and ingredients when preparing their food, the last thing you want is for your guests to feel like they are eating frozen meals and TV dinners (more info), not to mention hygiene and avoiding food poisoning at all costs!

2. Do they have a selection of hot or cold meals?
People may arrive to your event at different times so it’s important that you have a variety of hot and cold appetizers that can suit the ebb and flow of guests.

3. Finally, will they let you try the food?
You wouldn’t serve friends a meal at home that you haven’t tasted along the way so don’t do it at a function. Professionals like Universal Restaurant (click here for their website) will always offer you a tasting, it’s one of the perks of event organising, so make sure you go with an empty stomach!

Luxurious Accommodation Last Minute

Last month I was looking to get away for the weekend, somewhere where I could relax with my loved one and to escape from the city.

All I wanted to do was sleep, eat and relax.

I searched cheap accommodation surfers paradise and stayed at Mantra Circle On Cavill, and I can say with confidence that when it comes to Gold Cost accommodation, this was a great find.

The views and swimming pool was amazing!

For a very relaxing weekend and a cheap discounted rate, are the company to check out, the deals offered for 5 star accommodation cannot be beaten.

Safe and Fun Trampolines

I don’t know if it is just my kids, but they have SO much energy, I sometimes feel like I even going to the park doesn’t give them the chance to exert all that pent up energy from school.

We don’t have the biggest back yard, but my friends recommended getting a Lifespan Kids Trampoline. They are those spring trampolines that have the netting along the sides to ensure your kids’ safety.

They have so many options so despite my back garden not being the biggest, it fits, with plenty of room for the kids to run around. I even have a toddler you loves going on it, even though she cant bounce yet.

Here is the one I was thinking of getting, anyone had any experience with one of these?

My fave high waisted jeans

High waisted jeans have really come back into fashion.

The first time I heard about them was when my Mum said she used to wear them back in the day and today they seem to be everywhere you look.

They are an amazing winter pant because they are that extra bit warmer, can go with longer tops and jumpers or can be tucked in with a shirt for work.

One of my favourite companies that has seriously cool high waisted jeans is Nobody.

Their styles are always really cool and hit the mark in terms of style. For anybody looking for a new pair of jeans I would seriously recommend Nobody, they ROCK!

A tight-knit business with a goal-driven personality

When I contacted Tinker Creative about branding my business I was confident that I was putting my trust in the right company. They have a terrific reputation for being up there with the best brand design companies in Australia and this was mainly the reason why I asked them to perform the creative services of branding for me.

One thing that surprised me the most when I visited them for a meeting was the closeness and unity amongst their team. It is literally like one big family where everyone shares the same vision of working as a team towards a goal. They take pride in their work and have a strong belief that teamwork is essential in efficiently and effectively achieving certain goals. Because this was so evident the first thought that clicked in my mind was that this was a worthwhile business decision to put my brand in the hands of a team who will diligently work together to achieve the optimum result.

The best thing about Tinker Creative is their vision which is to help them help their clients. I believe that this kind of vision is what can make a business tick over and why they have such a good customer retention rate in addition to constantly acquiring new customers. If you put your money in a business you want them to have a passion and a zest for success. Tinker Creative certainly do have a passion and zest for success which can be seen from the results they provide to their clients.

I don’t think I could have chosen a better company to put my money and trust in and to this day, I couldn’t recommend another company any more than Tinker Creative. Hard-working, prompt and with skilful graphic designers – these three areas sum up Tinker Creative perfectly and they will never disappoint you in anything they do.

Amazing processes to get an amazing output

Decor Kitchens are a Melbourne-based company who commit to giving you a stress-free experience when it comes to designing your own kitchen.

Stretching from Moorabbin to Toorak, Decor Kitchens clearly understand the need of appealing to a multi-faceted market which is why they’re at the top of the food change in the kitchen design industry.

I’ve recently had my home kitchen designed by Decor Kitchens and I have never been so impressed with a service from start to finish.

Every single step of the process was done meticulously and to highest possible standard.

It didn’t matter if it was arriving on time to a consultation, bringing the correct paperwork or the actual design of the kitchen; everything that was done by the people at Decor Kitchens was terrific.

One of the most impressive areas of the Decor Kitchens business had to be the design programs they use to design all their kitchens. They offer free in-house consultations but I wanted to go to their design studio (I heard it was one of the best kitchen display centres Melbourne has ever seen) and see all the possible designs. Everything I heard about their display centre was confirmed as soon as I stepped foot into the Burwood showroom. Everything was so clean and pristinely organised.

So, getting back to that fancy design program; I have never seen anything like it! I’m not so technologically savvy – I don’t have all the Apple Products, I just have a simple desktop that I used purely for business but I could tell that business has come a long way when I saw this program. I can’t remember the name of it exactly but it was like being in the Matrix it was that amazing. It was touch screen and done on an iPad which made it look even better.

Four months later and my kitchen dream was a reality! I don’t know if anyone else has ever experienced such a brilliant service before but if you have I dare you to try and beat my experience with Decor Kitchens!

Get pick number one with this draft!

I was told by my friend to get in touch with a company called Draftaway to set up all the architectural drawings for my new house.

At first I was a bit curious as to how good they’d be and what kind of services they offered. The curiosity didn’t last long, I could not have been more impressed with the drafting facility and the user-friendly website Draftaway offered that I didn’t bother looking elsewhere for someone to complete an electrical drafting for my new house.

Additionally, the customer service representatives were so friendly and welcoming, I knew from the beginning I was in good hands and so was my impending house!

Every draftsperson I communicated with fostered me through the long process from start to finish and made me feel like I was in control of my own destiny.

The initial cad drawing provided was of the highest class and as soon as they got back to me (within days!) I could see my house as if it had been built already.

Never will I recommend another company to anyone else. Draftaway was full of quality – both personnel and results.